We must cultivate our garden.

Consequential Flowers

Welcome to Consequential Flowers!

We are an inclusive, private social media network devoted to empowering ambitious young people to grow as bold, impactful leaders.

We unify a diverse group of young people around an intentional, daily leadership practice of traits that are not taught in school and are essential.

Why be Present & Bloom Bold?

Our world has an urgent need for transformational young leaders. We do not have the luxury of time for  young people to postpone leadership development until later in their careers.

How Do We Accelerate Leadership Growth? 

Our Consequential Seed to Blossom  ("S2B") self-tracking tool empowers our members to build their own intentional leadership practice. 

Members cultivate their own private S2B gardens by collecting flowers in three ways: 

  1. Inside the Garden: Engage inside our digital community in Consequential Flowers provided weekly challenges, polls, article discussions, Leadership Seeds Podcast Q/A.  
  2. Outside the Garden:  Engage outside our digital community with in-real-life "IRL" leadership practice, and learning - with what you are already doing or add something new! 

In < 2 minutes/day, Consequential Flowers makes fun and possible to concurrently pursue education/career goals and be intentional about leadership growth.  It's no longer a sequenced step to learn your career and then lead someday.

Leaders are Artists

The combination of traits, strategies and tactics that enables us to realize our potential as leaders is unique to each of us.  This uniqueness is the "Art" 

Consequential 4-IR Model

S2B leadership is based on a leadership model with attributes relevant for young leaders to have bold impact in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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